Cymbopogon Citratus

At Lizq Oasis the sandy mineral rich soils of the Hajar Mountain plain provide an ideal growing medium for our lemongrass.

Lemongrass is a fragrant perennial grass native to tropical Asia and southern India. One of the best known varieties of lemongrass is cymbopogon citratus which features prominently in Asian cuisine. Both the crushed stems and leaves of the plant are used to impart a fresh citrusy, slightly grassy aroma and flavour to soups, curries, desserts, teas and other drinks. Lemongrass oil extracted from leaves is also used in cooking, Ayurveda medicine, and in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and perfume industries.

Scientific studies in recent years have recognised the antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, properties of citral and geraniol oil, the main constituents of lemongrass. These findings echo the traditional use of lemongrass tea as an antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, flu remedy, diuretic and sedative in many parts of the world.

Lemongrass is versatile and well-adapted for growing in different types of soils, climatic conditions, and alongside other crops. Resistant to drought and high winds, the plant is a good option for growing on marginal land and stabilising eroded soils. Its fountain-like appearance makes it popular as an ornamental specimen or border plant, or as an edible hedge.

At Lizq Oasis the sandy mineral rich soils of the Hajar Mountain plain provide an ideal growing medium for our lemongrass of the cymbopogon citratus variety. Stem cuttings are carefully propagated on farm in our nursery before being planted out into open field beds prepared with green manures and cover crop residues. To conserve water and enhance the valuable citral content of the crop, it is planted in the shade of moringa trees and drip-irrigated with water from the underlying aquifer.

Another plus of lemongrass is that it can be left growing in the field until it is needed. At Lizq Oasis we harvest our lemongrass on demand, carefully selecting from the most mature bushes. This ensures that you get the freshest of leaves and stalks containing the highest concentration of beneficial oils.

Check out our recipe section for inspiration on how to incorporate this versatile aromatic grass in sweet and savoury dishes as well as iced drinks and refreshing teas.

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